Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So, on Sunday, David (one of the other interns) and I took a hike up to Jackson Peak, the highest peak in the Gros Ventre range at 10,715 feet in elevation. Basically it gives an awesome 360 degree view of the Grand and the Gros Ventre. So, unfortunately this will be another short post... Anna and I and Alex (her fellow intern) and his roommate and her friend Chris are all going to Glacier National Park for the fourth of July weekend. Tonight is grocery shopping and depositing my pay check! Work is going well, it's still a lot of paper work, but I'm actually putting those interior design skills to work... putting together a furniture plan for White Grass Ranch - the one that the WCHP is restoring to use as a training center for preservation skills.

Otherwise, I'm still at a loss with what to do for my thesis.... if anyone out there has any ideas or inspiration, I'm desperate!

Goodwin Lake

Plenty of snow to travel over... that's for sure... Jackson Peak is right at the top there.

View from halfway up to the peak...

More views... and David!

Hello from halfway to the peak!

View from the top! OKAY, so the coolest part about this picture. The Grand Teton is the tallest peak in this photo. Go two peaks to the left and then straight down to the first thin long patch of lighter green color. I live on the far right side of that. Pretty sweet. Now, doesn't that make you want to come and visit???

More views from the top...

Cute, huh?

Until they start chewing no your stuff because of the salt...

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  1. Thanks for the great pictures. Did you hike from that tiny green field!? Can't help much on the thesis, but it seems there could be something that would be interesting about design and those buildings at that time. Hope the rest of the trip goes well.